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Remember this, guys: Few things in life perform as well as a Kenwood.

– Preston, American Psycho (Bret Easton Ellis)

Darkest Depths of Human Terror

In that atrocious second I realised that lust can attain the darkest depths of human terror and vividly imitate Hell in all it’s horror.

The Torture Garden (Octave Mirbeau)

Women’s Tears

… They were women’s tears – tears for nothing!

The Torture Garden (Octave Mirbeau)

Just a European Lover

But you’re just a European lover … a poor timid little soul who is sensitive to the cold and has been stupidly indoctrinated with a fear of nature and a hatred of love by the Catholic religion. It has Falsified and perverted the meaning of life within you.

The Torture Garden (Octave Mirbeau)

A Hollow Sham

…it assaults the very notion of “decency” as a hollow sham.

The Torture Garden (Octave Mirbeau)

A Parasite Princess

… were as misguided as the grateful peasants who camped out in St. James Park after 31 August 1997, weeping tears for a parasite princess whose social class had condemned them to serfdom.

– Simon Price (Everything…)


I have nothing to offer the world except my own confusion

– Kerouac

Really didn’t fancy coming back to Winchester today, fake the ol’ “I missed my last train” routine, in the end I did travel back, but I wish I hadn’t. Sleep, those little pieces of death – how I miss them.

The Man In the Street

I’ve met the man in the street, and he’s a cunt.

– Sid Vicious

What a day, travelled from Winchester to Bristol & back to drop off some stuff at my uni flat. Got back in Winchester at 3, packed up the rest of my stuff to go to Maidstone. Went to a family & friends BBQ at my aunts, Claire (my cousin) was there, last time we were together must’ve been about 10 years ago, apparently we were inseparable as babies so we took a photo of us together again 20 years on, how sweet! Met a few of the family characters, had a few beers (free) and eat a lot of treble choc gateau (also free). Top tip; warm lager and chocolate cake don’t mix well. It didn’t end pretty!

It Should Be On TV

“I like the idea in “Archives of Pain” I took from Michael Foucault, when he advocates a return to nineteen-century values of execution and capital punishment. You know. It appeals to me, but you shouldn’t only bring back capital punishment. It should be compulsory that your body be kept, have oil poured over it and be torn apart with horses and chains. It should be on TV, and four- or five-year-olds should be made to watch it. It’s the only way. If you tell a child: “That’s wrong”, he doesn’t really learn. But if you show a body being ripped to shreds, after Blue Peter, he’s gonna know.”

– Richey Edwards

Oh how I was looking forward to a day off, but it was not be, having already taken a morning and an afternoon off to receive the Brice’s Laptop it was another day at the office for me. What made it even worse was that Gran Turismo: A Spec was released today, so I bought it (& Half-Life: Blue Shift) in the morning and had to wait until 4 to actually play them; knowing that on Saturday morning they, along with everything else I had in the house, would be gone.

Bought a book, Torture Garden by Octave Mirbeau. This, and the rest of Everything… will be my entertainment next week.

‘Cos You Are Scum

But say if I was in a pub and someone attacked me, and I knew I’d done nothing wrong, I would quite happily take a beating without doing anything, and feel really superior. I would never hit somebody back if they hit me. If I’d done something wrong then it’s different. But if I was minding my own business, I could easily take a kicking. I’d think “I don’t give a fuck ‘cos you are scum, you’re way down there and I’m above you ‘cos I can take it.” It’s a bit biblical, “turn the other cheek” and all that, but I like people like Gandhi. And when I see people getting picked on, when I see them vainly throw a punch back, half-heatedly, I think they’ve lost. Any chance they had has gone because they’ve lowered themselves.

– Richey Edwards

Started cleaning the house for when we move out next Saturday, fun fun fun.

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