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On Football ‘Analysis’

We used to sit down and look forward to it in comfort on a Saturday, I think you're becoming too deep, I think you're setting yourselves up as judge and jury. I think you've gone over the dividing line where you have a contribution to make to one of being dogmatic, overbearing, boring, and you can keep going. I know it's difficult to justify a none-none for example, or to bill it as match of the day, but if that's what you get when you take your cameras to a ground then show the none-none, don't try and justify it or pick things out and bore us all to tears with your lectures.

Gary Neville – Who Saw That Coming?

When Sky announced they’d signed up G Nev as a pundit I must admit I groaned, it was bad enough putting up with Andy Grey’s anti-Liverpool bull during commentary/analysis I could only imagine how Neville, who I’ve always thought of as Manchester United’s equivalent to Carragher — underrated by [...]
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