Story Arcs

Alignment: Hero Villain Title:
Mission Type:
Accomplishment Badge (31)
Contact Store Mission (6)
Costume (9)
Flashback (3)
Introduction (7)
Kheldian Story Arc (11)
Major Story Arc (1)
Mayhem Mission (9)
Minor Story Arc (84)
Mission Architect (2)
Other (461)
PCPD Security Detail (10)
PvP Zone Mission (30)
Safeguard (1)
Special Event (6)
Story Arc (85)
Task Force (23)
TEST (1)
Trial (8)
Tutorial (11)

31 Results

Protector of Innocents / Soldier (Level 1 - 15) 6

Level Mission Information
5 - 10 HeroAccomplishment Badge Break up the fight Get the Clockwork out of the warehouse before the Skulls get involved FlashBackPaula Dempsey (Kings Row)Negotiator
5 - 10 VillainAccomplishment Badge The Loa Bone Retrieve the Loa Bone Mr. Bocor (Port Oakes)Loa BoneBone Collector
5 - 10 VillainAccomplishment Badge The Traitorous Vendetti Retainer Hurt the traitorous Vendetti retainer Angelo Vendetti (Port Oakes)Stone ColdMook Capo
10 - 14 VillainAccomplishment Badge Outbreak Steal the 'outbreak' drug from the Lost and then take it to the drop-off point. The Radio (Port Oakes)Plague Carrier
10 - 14 HeroAccomplishment Badge Rescue the Mystic Rescue the mystic FlashBackHugo Redding (Steel Canyon)Spelunker
10 - 14 VillainAccomplishment Badge Steal Facemaker's reanimation chemicals Get samples of the Facemaker's chemicals Dr. Shelly Percey (Cap au Diable)Mask Maker

Guardian / Malcontent (Level 16 - 19) 2

Level Mission Information
15 - 19 VillainAccomplishment Badge Take Down the Arachnos base in Paragon City Defeat all Arachnos personnel Willie Wheeler (Cap au Diable)Paragon of Vice
15 - 19 HeroAccomplishment Badge Vahzilok wasting disease Find and destroy the containers the Vahzilok are using to store the disease FlashBackPavel Garnier (Skyway City)Plague Stopper

Keeper of the Peace / Insider (Level 20 - 24) 4

Level Mission Information
20 - 24 VillainAccomplishment Badge Bust up the dockworker's strike Bust up the dockworker's strike Lorenz Ansaldo (Sharkhead Isle)Strikebreaker
20 - 24 HeroAccomplishment Badge Retrieve the stolen weapons from the Freakshow Retrieve the stolen weapons from the Freakshow FlashBackWilma Peterson (Independence Port)Confiscated BeanbagPwnz
20 - 25 HeroAccomplishment Badge Stop both groups of mystic madmen Stop both groups of mystic madmen FlashBackOliver Hoak (Talos Island)Spirit Warrior
23 - 25 VillainAccomplishment Badge Retrieve the shipment for Crash See what Crash wants Vince Dubrowski (Sharkhead Isle)Slag Reaper

Champion / Undesireable (Level 25 - 29) 4

Level Mission Information
25 - 30 HeroAccomplishment Badge Rescue the mystics Track down the Pantheon and rescue the mystics FlashBackLaura Brunetti (Independence Port)Undead Slaying AxeMystical Savior
25 - 30 HeroAccomplishment Badge The Redemption of Alexander 'the Great' Go talk with Alexander, and do whatever you can to bring him into protective custody FlashBackLaurie Pennington (Independence Port)Redeemer
25 - 30 VillainAccomplishment Badge Take out negotiator and witnesses Take out negotiator and witnesses Operative Kirkland (Sharkhead Isle)Agent of Discord
25 - 30 VillainAccomplishment Badge Offer Soul of Akarist Offer soul of Akarist Archmage Tarixus (Sharkhead Isle)Soul EssenceSoul Taker

Defender of Truth / Wiseguy (Level 30 - 34) 4

Level Mission Information
30 - 35 HeroAccomplishment Badge Defend the War Walls Prevent the Rikti from destroying the force fields that protect the city FlashBackPhilipa Meraux (Founders' Falls)War Wall Defender
30 - 35 VillainAccomplishment Badge Eliminate Kit'Vul Eliminate Kit'Vul Timothy Raymond (Nerva Archipelago)Exterminator
30 - 35 HeroAccomplishment Badge Stop pact between the Circle of Thorns and Nemesis Rescue the law firm FlashBackTina Chung (Founders' Falls)Corrupter
30 - 35 VillainAccomplishment Badge The Unlucky Artifacts Get the unlucky artifacts Hard Luck (St. Martial)Bad Luck

Vindicator / Criminal (Level 35 - 39) 4

Level Mission Information
35 - 40 VillainAccomplishment Badge 'Phase harmonic tuners' Attack Longbow portal base Technician Naylor (Nerva Archipelago)Portal Hopper
35 - 40 HeroAccomplishment Badge Investigate the hacker known as The Doctor Investigate the hacker known as The Doctor FlashBackGordon Stacy (Brickstown)The Doctor's Ally
35 - 40 HeroAccomplishment Badge Stop the Circle of Thorns contacting an alternate world Stop the Circle of Thorns from contacting an alternate world FlashBackCadao Kestrel (Founders' Falls)Frontline
35 - 40 VillainAccomplishment Badge B4nKbUsTah Catch the Freakshow debtor before he skips town Basse Croupier (St. Martial)Skip Tracer

Justice Incarnate / Captain (Level 40 - 45) 4

Level Mission Information
40 - 45 HeroAccomplishment Badge Investigate the psychic signal Investigate the psychic signal FlashBackTina Macintyre (Peregrine Island)Emancipator
40 - 45 VillainAccomplishment Badge Party Crasher Steal alloy from Silver Mantis Dr. Forrester (Grandville)Party Crasher
40 - 45 VillainAccomplishment Badge Selestar Defeat Selestar Mage-Killer Zuhkara (Grandville)Mage Hunter
40 - 45 HeroAccomplishment Badge Nemesis' weather control Find out why Nemesis is concerned with the weather FlashBackMaxwell Christopher (Founders' Falls)Meteorologist

Hero of the City / Made (Level 46 - 50) 3

Level Mission Information
45 - 50 HeroAccomplishment Badge Rescue C'Kelkah Find out about the Malta Group/Rikti situation from Indigo FlashBackCrimson (Peregrine Island)Bodyguard
45 - 50 VillainAccomplishment Badge Video games made me do it Destroy books for Television Television (Grandville)Couch Potato
45 - 50 HeroAccomplishment Badge Marauder's Cell Wipe out Marauder's Cell FlashBackMaria Jenkins (Peregrine Island)Agent
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