The Hydra Dimension


  • CategoryOther
  • ContactsTina Macintyre (Peregrine Island)
  • Level Range40 - 45
  • Badge Multidimensional The Hydra that lives under Paragon City is rumored to be a refugee from this dimension.

Go to the Hydra's dimension and learn anything you can

Tina Macintyre

There's good news, Red Tomax. After months of effort, some Portal Corporation techs have managed to isolate the dimension the Hydra comes from. We want you to go there and learn anything you can about the Hydra. Thanks to the efforts of Paragon City's brave heroes, the monster is relatively contained within the sewer system. But it has enormous regenerative powers, and we need to find a way to defeat it for good. If you find anything, take it to Dr. Steve Sheridan. He knows a lot about extra-dimensional species.

I'm not really sure what you'll find there, Red Tomax. From our initial probes, it looks like a pretty scary place.

Part 1: Defeat all villains in area
Instanced Outdoor [Forest] @ Portal Corporation Hydra

You look up at the green sky. Somehow, you find it strangely beautiful.

Mission Complete: After fighting the Hydra Men, you're covered in a gelatinous green goo.

Awarded for completing the mission.
Part 2: Talk to Steven Sheridan
Delivery @ Brickstown
Dr. Steven Sheridan

Mighty Interesting, Red Tomax. Mighty interesting indeed. I'll tell you one thing: these Hydra Men aren't the simple blobs of protoplasm we thought they were. In fact, I think this green goop they were covered in is actually their method of communication. Now, mind you, this is only a theory.

I think the Hydra communicate through chemical signals. One Hydra Man secretes certain chemicals into that green plasma. Then he touches another, who can instantly 'read' his mesage. It's quite sophisticated, I assure you. If you'll bear with me for a moment, I believe I can develop a new plasma that will let you understand their chemical signals. Communication will only be one way, but it should give you a better idea of what's going on in that world.

CluePink plasma

Dr. Steven Sheridan engineered this plasma from the gelatinous substance the Hydra Men use to communicate with one another. After some time in the Hydra world, you should begin to understand their thoughts.

Part 3: Defeat all villains in area (3 portals to shut down)
Instanced Outdoor [Forest] @ Peregrine Island [Portal]

After coating your body with Dr. Sheridan's pink plasma, you feel more than a little silly. At least there's no one here to see you but the Hydra Men.

Mission Complete: When you fought the Man O' War, Aue'io, you heard his thoughts inside your head.

Tina Macintyre

So, the Rikti have been kidnapping Hydra Men from the dimension you visited. Then they bring the creatures back to our world, to help them fight their war against us. I always assumed the Hydra Men were hostile, but maybe they're just confused. Kidnapped, uprooted, stuck on some strange new planet far from their families. No wonder they assume we're all their enemies! It's too bad Dr. Sheridan wasn't able to engineer a way for you to make yourself understood to the Hudra Men; then we could tell them we mean them no harm. But I guess it's best if we just do what the asked of us: leave them alone.

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