Arrest Dreck & his henchmen


Notable Foes

Arrest Dreck & his henchmen

Unai Kemen

I just got word of a major security breach. The Freakshow's leader, Dreck, managed to break into Portal Corporation and access another dimension. He chose dimension Nu Beta 9-7, a war torn world with few remaining defenses. He plans to set himself up as the lord of that dimension! As far as I'm concerned, the Freakshow are our problem, not Bu Beta 9-7's. I want you to go in there and arrest every last Freak.

We've managed to isolate the Freaks within a force field, along with a few unlucky citizens of Nu Beta 9-7. Remember, the Freakshow are nothing without Dreck. Take him into custody, and this whole problem should to away.

Part 1: Arrest Dreck & his henchmen (4 hostages to save)
Instanced Outdoor [Boomtown] @ Peregrine Island [Portal] Freakshow

A hoot of malicious laughter echoes in the air.

Dreck [Arch-Villain]
Born Daniel Watson, Dreck is the glue that holds the militantly independent Freakshow together. The Freaks may chafe at his orders, they may laugh as his haircut, but they all have to respect Dreck's absolute luct for violence.
Unai Kemen


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