The Return of Nemesis


Notable Foes

Investigate what the Malta Group and the Nemesis Army are talking about


All right, Red Tomax, I have an operation that I'm going to need your help with, but I have to warn you flat-out that this could be incredibly dangerous. Not that anything involving the Malta Group is ever safe and easy, but with the Nemesis Army involved, this could go above and beyond that. If you're up to it, I need your help to investigate what exactly the Malta Group and the Nemesis Army have to talk about.

I don't know if you're aware of the current state of the Nemesis Army, but they've taken a pretty bad blow. It looks like Nemesis is finally dead and gone, and most people expected them to just break up and go back to whatever life they led before. That hasn't been the case. They still perform operations and do missions and get orders, but no one really knows if those orders are coming from the Nemesis Army leadsership and they've assumed command, or if they're coming from a usurper who's taken over as a new Nemesis, or from Nemesis himself.

Whatever the case is, despite those orders, some Nemesis Army troops are getting worried by these turns of events, and have been talking with representatives of, you guessed it, our friends in the Malta Group. So, what I want you to do is crash one of these little talks, defeat the negotiators, and try to find some clue over what all of this is about.

Part 1: Defeat lead negotiators (Find negotiation clues)
Office @ Talos Island Nemesis,Malta Operatives

Both the Malta Group and the Nemesis army are incredibly dangerous by themselves. Any potential alliance between them must be stopped.

Objective: You found documentation on the talks.

ClueMalta Group contracts

These papers are contracts for employment within the Malta Group. The contract specifically states that the person signing it will leave the Nemesis Army and give over all Nemesis technology the possess, along with any Nemesis Army related information, and in exchange receive a very well paid contract to work for the Malta Group.

Mission Complete: You disrupted the negotiations between this group of Nemesis Army soldiers and members of the Malta Group. You also found that several of the Nemesis Army soldiers were wearing recording devices.

ClueSurveilance devices

You found these surveilance devices on several of the Nemesis Army negotiators. These are clearly Nemesis technology, designed to record audio and video and send it back to another location. With a bit of work (and some quick calls to old contacts), you can trace the signal to its destination point.

Part 2: Defeat monitoring station leader (4 recordings to find)
Laboratory @ Kings Row

The signals you traced have led you here. Hidden in the city sewers, a gleaming high tech lab sprawls before you. All imprinted with the indelible mark of the Nemesis Army.

Objective: You found recordings of Nemesis/Malta negotiations.

ClueSurveillance records

You found dozens of different recordings made by Nemesis Army troops of their negotiations with Malta Group operatives. Each time, the Malta Group is trying to subvert the Nemesis troops into joining them. Each record is accompanied by a report by the Nemesis troops about how much the Malta Group negotiators believed them.

Mission Complete: You shut down this monitoring station and got copies of all their recordings. Indigo could probably help correlate them.

Part 3: Take recordings to Indigo
Delivery @ Founders' Falls

Wow, Red Tomax, this is some juicy stuff. Give me a moment to look through all of this.



These are the wierdest time and date stamps.

Ah-ha! Okay! All of this data was being fed to a central point. My guess is that there are probably several monitoring stations like this one, all watching over Nemesis Army negotiation teams. I don't know if they're all talking to our 'friends', or if other groups are involved. A lot of villain organizations have been trying to move in on the Nemesis Army, now that it looks like Nemesis is gone. But seeing this effort on recording and analyzing, looking for other groups to show interest? This looks like part of a larger plan.

I'm like everyone else, Red Tomax. I really hope that Nemesis is gone forever. I know that we can't count on that. If this really is some elaborate plan to draw in and subvert other groups by tricking them into accepting Nemesis agents, then it can't be allowed to continue. I've been able to trace enough back that I should have the location of the central monitoring depository. I don't know what you'll find in there, but I'd recommend that you take friends along.

Part 4: Find info at monitoring base (Seek clues)
Laboratory @ Perez Park

Indigo's information was correct once more. Hidden behind a facade of normal office space, you've found another secret Nemesis hideout!

Objective: You found copies of Nemesis' plans!

ClueA plan of attack

You found these meticulous battle plans in a Nemesis base. They note where a high-ranking Malta Group operative and cell leader will be going to conclude what he will believe to be a deal to annex a portion of the Nemesis Army. What he doesn't know is that he and his men will be the ones getting annexed by Nemesis!

Part 5: Stop Nemesis!
Abandoned Office

It looks like the Malta Group operatives who'd come here expecting intense negotiations got an intense fire fight instead. They seem to be holding their own, but if Nemesis himself is truly here, it can't last.

Nemesis? [Arch-Villain]
Nemesis has had over 100 years to perfect his armour and his combat skills. He is a formidable, and wily, opponent.

Mission Complete: You have stopped the Nemesis Army's plot to inflitrate the Malta Group and defeated Nemesis. Or have you?


I told you that one was gonna be tough, but it looks like you handled it as well as anoyone could have expected. The Malta Group's plan to subvert parts of the Nemesis Army is done with, as is the Nemesis Army's plan to subvert parts of the Malta Group. Vital Gold 1-2-1 is in Custody, and that's a lot of damage to the Malta Cells in Paragon City. And then there's Nemesis.

Who or whatever was inside that Nemesis body was killed when you defeated it. Internal boilers went into the red, fried most everything. Indigo monitored the medical reports, and according to the doctors, while there was a brain in there, meaning that it could have been Nemesis himself, the brain was, well, artificial. Like one of the brains Crey was working on for the next step in the Revenant Hero Project. All of which makes me wonder if that might have been not the real Nemesis, but a real Nemesis?

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