The Legend of Ruladak


  • CategoryTask Force
  • Team Size8 team members required
  • ContactsSara Moore (Cascade Archipelago)
  • Level Range40 - 50
  • Badge Destroyer of Strength You defeated the being known as Ruladak the Strong, freeing the people of the Shadow Shard from his tyranny.

Agree to form a task force

Sara Moore

I am Sara Moore, daughter of Helen Moore and Officer Charles Moore, who was the son of Betty Moore and Officer Hecktor Moore. I take on the role of Officer from them, and accept the responsibility to help the people stay alive until we are re-united, after the Madness broke the world. It is my duty to fight the Rularuu and protect my people. Now great evils are wakening in the Shadow Shard, and I fear that we can no longer survive alone. So, just as in the legends, on behalf of the peoples of Paragon, I am asking for your help.

The People of Paragon have been able to live healthily even here thanks to the Kora fruit. It keeps us healthy and helps us stay well despite the hardships we face. Parties of Kora gatherers have recently come under attack by strangers, and some have been kidnapped. Our own searchers have found no trace, and the scouts of the General are spread too thin watching for the Rularuu. Thus, I ask you to help find our missing people.

Those that escaped capture said that the attackers looked like Brasswork Devils, so at first we thought they were Reflections from the Rularuu. However, they captured instead of killed, and so could not be of the Rularuu. I think that they may be actual Brasswork Devils, servants of the Prince of Brass. We had thought them just conjured by Reflections to terrify us, but Lieutenant Colonel Flynn says that they are real, and are called the Nemesis Army. If it is truly them, then those captured may still be alive, and these soldiers of the Nemesis Army may have information to find the missing.

I charge you to confront this Nemesis Army here within the Cascades, and take the truth from the by force!

The legends of the people of Paragon say that when a mighty assembly of heroes would gather, they would take a special name upon themselves to dedicate them to their task. In this tradition, I shall give you the name: Task Force Trust.

Part 1: Defeat Nemesis Army for info (Defeat 50 Nemesis)
Defeat x @ Any Circle of Thorns,Nemesis,Soldiers of Rularuu

Mission Complete: You captured orders from one of the defeated Nemesis Army soldiers

Sara Moore

The orders you found are proof without doubt! The machine-hearted devils of the Prince of Brass are surely the culprits! I will get Colonel Flynn's help to find where the Nemesis are keeping my people, and then with your strength they can be rescued.

Rescue captives from Nemesis

Sara Moore

Your bravery has helped us greatly, and now we know where the Brass-hearted devils of the Nemesis have taken their captives. They have built a base within the shard to experiment and interrogate, but thanks to you we have found it.

We have found the locaiton where the people are being held, and now you must give them freedom. You must also defeat the leader of this nest of Devils, to show them the fate of those who would poison or destroy the People of Paragon.

Part 2: Defeat Nemesis base leaders (4 captives)
Laboratory @ Cascade Archipelago

Ever industrious, the Nemesis Army has built a full research base here, hidden from view.

Mission Complete: you freed the captives and defeated the Nemesis base Leader, who had some important information on him.

ClueFurther interrogations

These orders pick out specific prisoners to transfer back to Paragon City. There's enough information here to find the base where these people are being held.

From the sound of things, it would appear that the Nemesis Army has developed portals of their own to move men and material back and forth between Paragon and the Shadow Shard.

Sara Moore

Ruladak? They were doing all of this to learn about an old legend? Ruladak the Strong is a myth told to children to keep them from wandering into trouble. According to the myths, Ruladak was supposed to be the master of the Rularuu, but was imprisoned by kindness after the madnes broke the world. It's just a stroy to get children to behave? Why would the Prince of Brass be interested in that? Still, he holds more people captive, and it shall be necessary to free them.

Rescue captive natives from the Nemesis Army in Paragon City

Sara Moore

The machine-hearted devil army of the Nemesis still hold many of my people captive in their bases in your world. With the information you have found and Lieutenant Colonel Flynn's help, I can provide you the location where the captives are kept.

You will need to flee the captives from the Nemesis, and Lieutenant Colonel Flynn also asks that you defeat the Nemesis base's leaders to pry information from them. I know you will succeed.

Part 3: Defeat Nemesis base leaders (5 captives)
Laboratory @ Dark Astoria

This hidden monitoring station is probably used by the Nemesis Amry to detect portal transfers. If so, they know you're coming.

Mission Complete: You freed the captives and defeated Captian Bullfred and his men.

ClueThe words of Old Fred

After you rescued him from the Nemesis Army, the native called Old Fred told you:

'They caught us all, and more nefore to learn about the Legend of Ruladak the Strong. It's best that the don't know. It's best that nobody knows anymore.'

I thank you for my freedom, but don't look to me for answers and I wo't tell you nothing that no one should hear.

Sara Moore

Why would they be so interested in Ruladak? It's an old myth, it's nothign real. Let me tell it to you:

The Legend of Ruladak is about a monster that controls the Rularuu. We tell it ever since the madness broke the world, to remind us that we have to help each other to survive.

The legend goes that after the madness broke the world, there was a time when kindness walked the land and all were hopeful. But then Ruladak the Strong appeared. He was angry because the People of Paragon had turned away from the Rularuu, and so he sought to slay the people of Paragon to punich them. Fearing for the people, all the kindness in the world gathered itself together and tried to destroy Ruladak and the Rularuu. the battle lasted for days and broke the very islands, but in the end there was only enough kindness to force Ruladak into a deep slumber. He still guides the Rularuu even in his sleep, but as long as kindness remains strong in the hearts of the People of Paragon, Ruladak will never awaken and we will be spared.

I know it must sound foolish to great heroes like you, but it's just a story for children. Though, I used to think that the Prince of Brass was just a story, too.

Defeat new Nemesis Army force before they can establish a base

Sara Moore

The peoples of Paragon need you ever more, Task Force Truth! Scouts of my people have spotted a new group of those brass-hearted devils, the Nemesis Army. They no doubt seek to capture and torture more of us. Our scouts followed this new group, and now I ask you to defeat them before they can establish a base for themselves and cause more harm.

You shall have to defeat them all, machine and man alike, lest they bring more of their kind over to attack my people.

Lieutenant Coloney Flynn also asks again that you search for information. We still don't know why Nemesis, the Prince of Brass, would be interested in a legend like Ruladak. I hate to thikn it, but the old legeds said that the Prince of Brass had schemes within schemes and plans within plans. Maybe he knows something that we do not.

Part 4: Defeat all Nemesis in base
Tunnels @ Cascade Archipelago

The interior of the cavern has been cleaned, and there survey marks on the ground and walls. Someone has been planning to do some construction here.

Mission Complete: After defeating all of the Nemesis Army forces, you found a half-finished letter.

ClueA half-finished letter

This unfinished letter is written from a Captian Easting of the Nemesis Army to a General Fort, apparently his commander. The letter expresses Cpt. Easting's concerns about the operation he's been assigned to. there are several different drafts of it on the same piece of paper, all written by the same hand. One particular section stands out to you:

'I am unceetain if the Nemesis Amry High Command would aprove of you decision to advance to the next phase of the operation. The act should surely be a warning. What if they are right? If we can awaken this creature, are you certain it would act as an ally? Of all the native legends we've gathered, there are none where a bargain has ever been struck with the Rularuu or their commander.'

Sara Moore

You have once more shown your courage, but the news you found is troubling. The Nemesis Army speaks of 'awakening' a legend, perhaps of allying with the Rularuu. It is worse than madness, it's certain doom! The PRince of Brass was supposed to be devious, not suicidal! Now, Task Force Truth, we must find out if this is true, lest the madness comes to break the world again.

Rescue Old Fred from the Circle of Thorns

Sara Moore

I had hoped to find you the source of many of our legends of Ruladak, the wise Old Fred. You saved his life before, I though he would surely help you. he was being re-settled in paragon City after his ordeal, but it seems that he returned to the Shard to find something, and has now been captured. His captors were seen, and this is strange. They weren't the Nemesis Army or the Rularuu, but the Green-Eye Cult.

The Cult of the Green Eye was also in our myths, but only whispers of them. Lieurenant Colonel Flynn calls them the Circle of Thorns, and says that they are mighty wizards. They must indeed be powerful, for even the rularuu rarely attack them. I do not know what they could want with Old Fred, but you must rescue him to learn more about what the Nemesis may know about the Legend of Ruladak.

Part 5: Rescue Old Fred (Old Fred)
Tunnels @ Cascade Archipelago

An otherworldly energy flows through these caverns. An energy all too familiar to anyone who's set foot in lost Oranbega.

Mission Complete: You rescued Old Fred and heard his story.

ClueOld Fred's book

After rescuing him from the Circle of Thorns, Old Fred told you:

'The Nemesis Army didn't know at first, but I did. I was just old enough when the madness broke the world. How long ago was it? 15 years? 20? There's no sun, nor moon, nor seasons here. And even I only know those things from stories.'

'When the madness came, I was just old enough to remember the days afterwards. The Kind One promised us a new age, free from Rularuu, where we could grow and live in peace. But then we found out that when the world had been broken, Ruladak had been trapped in this part of it. Ruladak is real. I saw him once, when my eyes were young. Tyrannous and strong, my mother called him, but his creatures snuffed out her life too.'

'Living here, hunted by the Rularuu, few remain who sw it all. Mostly just children of the survivors. But my father, he wrote a book. It told all about how the Kind one bound Ruladak, and how the seal could be re-made. I came back to find it, to help Sara and you all. But they took it. They took it away in a demon's hand, took it back to their ancient city of the dead.'

Sara Moore

Ruladak is something real? It's supposed to be a myth. It's all supposed to be a story to make children be nice. That's all. And the Prince of Brass, and the Green-eye Cult, it's all supposed to just be stories. Things we'd leave behind now that we could go to the real Paragon City, the promised land where heroes soar.

i'm sorry, great heroes, I am being childish. These myths are real, and must be dealt with. That is my duty, as it was my fathers and his before him. There is much work still to be done.

You have helped greatly and saved many of the People of Paragon. You have truly earned the name of Task Force Truth.

Return to Paragon City and retrieve the book from the Circle of Thorns

Sara Moore

I have spoken with Old Fred, and he has told me that the Cult of the Green Eye have taken his father's book back to their city. He says that he saw the demon who ferried it back, and saw the entrance to the city through the portal itmade. I have spoken with Lieutenant Colonel Flynn, and he has helped pin down where this entrance might be. When you are ready, you will need to return to Paragon City, and retrieve the book from the Circle of Thorns.

The Cult of the Green Eye cannot be allowed to use the book to their own ends. you must not only recover it, you must also defeat all the cultists present to halt their research into it. I know that this feat is within your power, Task Force Truth. Once we have the book, maybe we can understand what the Legend of Ruladak truly is, and why the Nemesis seek its source.

Part 6: Defeat all Circle cultists (Find the book)
Oranbega @ Founders' Falls

The shadowed stone halls of Oranbega press in on all sides. you only hope that the book is down here.

Objective: The book isn't here.

Objective: You found 'The Legend of Ruladak'

Mission Complete: You recovered the book and disrupted the Circle's research.

ClueThe Story of Ruladak

This handwritten jounal is filled by age upon page of densley-cramped writing. Part-way between a journal, a survival guide, and story book, it talks a great deal about living and surviving in the Shadow Shard.

The firts entries in the book start with talk of a great cataclysm, when 'The Mad One broke the world'. It speaks next about the short golden age that followed, when 'The Kind One' traveled the lands, promising the survivors that salvation was close at hand, and that their oaths to Rularuu were no more. No mention is made of what the oaths to Rularuu were.

The next set of events deal with the appearance of Ruladak the Strong. Ruladak is called the Brother to Kindness and Brother to madness, and is called the 'Iron Fist of Rularuu'. The book describes battles between Ruladak, the 'Mad One', and the 'Kind One'. Finally, it details how the Kind One sealed Ruladak away with 4 mystic seals.

Sara Moore

Task Force Truth, you have fought as champions! With this book recovered, we have gained mcuh knowledge that was lost. There is much in the book you found that is unknown to me. I wish my farther had told me more about what happened when the madness broke the world, but like most of our lders he said it was best if we just forget it all and made our start here. Maybe the book's talk about Oaths to the Rularuu has something to do with their reluctance.

Rescue captured natives

Sara Moore

Lieutenant Colonel Flynn has sent the book you recovered to Fire base Zulu for analysis. There is still much that needs your attentionl, though. Another group of Kora Fruit getherers have gone missing, and I fear that the Nemesis Amry have struck again. You must rescue them.

I have marked for you their last location. You will need to find them and free them from their captors. That will be your only goal.

Part 7: Free captive natives (6 captives)
Tunnels @ Cascade Archipelago

You realize instantly that something is wrong here. There are no signs of the Nemesis Army, but there might be another group of enemies here.

Mission Complete: You rescued the captured Shard Natives from the Rularuu.

ClueInterrogations by the Rularuu

You rescued several Shadow Shard natives who were captured and interrogated by the Rularuu. The creatures seemed intent on learning more about the Nemesis Army. More disturbing is that they claimed to be gathering information for Ruladak the Strong.

Sara Moore

Why would the Rularuu want to know about the Prince of Brass? If they were truly gathering informaiton on the Brasswork Devils of the Nemesis Army, then what does that mean?

Attack Nemesis base and prevent an alliance between the Nemesis Army and the Rularuu

Sara Moore

Brave scouts of the People of Paragon have found a new base controlled by the Nemesis Army. This is more dire than it first appears, because the base is playing host to members of the Rularuu. We do not think they are there as prisoners, but as guests. If Prince of Brass or his men are making plans alongside the hated Rularuu, they must be stopped!

We know that the Nemesis are seeking out the truth behind the Legend of Ruladak, and now the Rularuu are responding. This has to be stopped before they unleash a horror upon us all. It is too much to risk any alliance. You must defeat them all, and seek for any information that may help us.

Part 8: Defeat all foes in base (Find Intel)
Laboratory @ Cascade Archipelago

The outer gates of this new Nemesis compound lie open behind you. Inside you can hear the sounds of orderly Nemesis Army troops and the alien noises of the Rularuu.

Objective: You found signed documents

ClueA Traitor's Treaty

These documents comprise a treaty signed by a General Fort and a representative of Ruladak the Strong. It is marked as one copy of several. The terms are straight-forward, but have huge implications. in exchange for the Nemesis Army freeing it from it's imprisonment, Ruladak the Strong promises to aid General Fort in an attempt to take control of the Nemesis Army from it's high command.

The treaty specificies how to break Ruladak from confinement in a step-by-step manner. With this information, Ruladak will not be imprisioned for long.

Mission Complete: You defeated the base, and found the location of a Nemesis Portal

Sara Moore

Free Ruladak? It's madness! It will be like when the madness broke the world come again! This must be stopped. I must speak with Lieutenant Colonel Flynn. This must be stopped. There must be a way.

Prevent the first seal from being broken

Sara Moore

I have spoken with many others, and thanks to the book written by Old Fred's father that you recovered, there may still be a chance to stopthe Nemesis Army from freeing Ruladak the Strong. There is little time, though, and if there is to be a chance, then you shall have to strike hard and fast, Task Force Truth. Redy yourselves. The firts task shall be to stop the first seal from being broken.

According to the treaty you captured and the details of Old Fred's father's book, there are four seals that hold Ruladak the Strong from his freedom. The Nemesis Army will attempt to break all of them to fulfil their deal. The first seal has been located in caverns on the One-Way path. Defeat ll who oppose you, and prevent the seal from being broken.

Part 9: Defeat all foes in caverns (The First Seal)
Tunnels @ Cascade Archipelago

There is a strange, yet calming power in this place. Even as you ready yourselves for battle, you feel a sense of peace flow over you all.

Objective: This seal has been broken. You can feel the last of it's power fading.

Mission Complete: You were too late, and the first Seal had already been destroyed by the Nemesis Army.

Sara Moore

Those Brass-hearted Devils have not won yet, Task Force Truth. We must not despair. There are still 3 more seals they must break to awaken Ruladak the Strong.

Use the second seal to weaken Ruladak

Sara Moore

The first seal is already broken, but there may be time yet to stop Ruladak's full awakening. Dr. Boyd of the expedition has found out from his study that the seals can be used as well as protected or broken. The next target of the Nemesis is a seal on Ruladak's power. But is we can use it first, we can limit Ruladak to less than his full power should be awaken. gather yourselves and be ready, there is little time.

you must locate the seal and prevent the Nemesis Army from breaking it. It should be in a cavern around the Crimson Falls. You must also secure it by defeating all foes so that it may be used as a weapon against Ruladak.

Part 10: Defeat all foes in caverns (The Second Seal)
Tunnels @ Cascade Archipelago

The strange calming feeling returns to you the moment you enter these caverns.

Objective: The second seal is intact.

Mission Complete: You were able to save the second seal from the Nemesis Army

Sara Moore

I am told that mystics from Paragon City are already working magic upon the seal. you have all done us a great service, Task Force Truth. I hope he will never be awakened, but should it come to be, Ruladak will be greatly weakened. We must hope that will be enough.

You have been so much help, but there is much left to do and time is goign fast. So, I have asked Lieutenant Colonel Flynn, and he has given me a radio to use to keep in touch with you.

Secure the third of Ruladak's seals

Sara Moore

One seal is broken and one is being used against Ruladak, but there are two more seals that remain. The next is the weakest of the four, but Dr. Boyd syas it is so because it's using power in another way. It is warned in the book that the third seal prevents Ruladak from rejoining with the full power of the Rularuu. I do not know what that means, but I think it best if we kept that rejoining from happening.

Dr. Boyd has said that this seal is already preventng a stronger connection between Ruladak and the Rularu in his slumbers. If we can turn it against Ruladak, it will kep the link closed, even if he awakens. The Seal is located in a cave on the Chanting Islands. You will need to secure it and defeat all of the enemies who would break it. I know you will succeed, great heroes.

Part 11: Secure 3rd seal (The Third Seal)
Tunnels @ Cascade Archipelago

you experience a strange sensation the moment you enter these caverns. Then you suddenly realize that this is the first time you haven't felt like you were being watched since you entered the Shadow Shard.

Objective: The seal is intact.

Mission Complete: You were able to save the third seal from the Nemesis Army.

Sara Moore

More mystics have arrived to do their work upon te third seal. As I am told, the power of the seal is alreayd working, but may need to be re-inforced if Ruladak is awakened. There is now one seal remaining, but many are woried still. Even two seals may be enough to awaken Ruladak the Strong. Then our old legends will have a new fear at their heart.

Secure the 4th of Ruladak's seals

Sara Moore

There is one last seal to secure, and it may be the most important. It is the one which can restore wkaefulness to Ruladak. Thanks to your work he would be weakened, and he would be without the full power of the Rularuu, but we do not know how powerful he would be. The Nemesis charge ahead blind to all but their own ambition. It is up to you to stop them.

Again, you must defeat all those who would damage or take the seal, and secure it's safety.

Part 12: Secure 4th seal (The Fourth Seal)
Tunnels @ Cascade Archipelago

The strange calming you've felt in other caverns that had seals is strangely absent here.

Objective: The fourth seal has been taken!

Mission Complete: You were too late, and discovered that the Fourth and final seal had been taken away by the Nemesis Army!

Sara Moore

The fourth and final seal is gone, but not destroyed. Why? The Nemesis clearly have it. It must be found, and soon!

Battle Nemesis Troops around the Cascades for information

Sara Moore

The Nemesis have the 4th seal of Ruladak, and it must be found. Perhaps the Nemesis themselves may have a clue to it's location. Battle them and seek information. My own scouts and those of Lieutenant Commander Flynn shall do the same.

It is likely that the troops around the Cascades may know. You must battle them wherever they may be in this area to pry information from them.

Part 13: Defeat Nemesis Army for info (Defeat 100 Nemesis)
Defeat x @ Cascade Archipelago

Mission Complete: After one battle, one of the defeated Nemesis Troops told you some information.

ClueCrucial information

After a battle, one of the Nemesis troops you questioned told you:

'That seal thing that everyone is looking for? I know where it is. General Fort wanted to use it to force a better bargain on this Ruladak creature. He has it with him in a base in the Marooned Shores.'

General Fort is a fool to think he'll succeed anyway. I joine dthe Nemesis Army to serve the glory of Lord Nemesis. General Fort is just a power-hungry mad-man. Nemeses, he's the new Prometheus, he's a new deity. He's the master I serve, not some jumped-up general.

Sara Moore

With this, we may be able to end the Legend of Ruladak before it has a chance to begin again. I will speak to Lieutenant Colonel Flynn, and we shall coordinate our scouts. We will find this base and tell you when we have.

Defeat General Fort and recover the last of Ruladak's seals

Sara Moore

My scouts have found the Nemesis base where the seal is being held. With the location of General Fort and the final seal, we may be able to end this. I send you now to battle, Task Force Truth, as my grandfather did in ancient times. You must defeat General Fort and his men, and recover the final seal to save us all from the Legend of Ruladak.

You must defeat General Fort to end his threat, but you must also recover the fourth and final seal. With luck, it shall be enough and Ruladak shall never awaken.

Part 14: Defeat General Fort & his staff (The Fourth Seal)
Laboratory @ Cascade Archipelago

There is a definite feeling of resignation and determination in this base. As if the Nemesis Army under General Fort has only now realised the enormity of their actions.

Objective: You have recovered the fourth and final seal

Mission Complete: You have defeated General Fort and recovered the seal, but his last words weigh heavily on your thoughts.

ClueThe defeat of General Fort

After his defeat, General Fort had some final words for you:

'I was such a fool. I was used. Ruladak promised me such power, power enough to stand agaisnt Nemesis and take the Army for my own. I didn't see the monster's own motives, though. I thought it a sleepign beast, a great stupid monster I could harness and ride to victory. Now I see that I was the one led on a leash. It is already awakened. It will soon be rousing. It will soon be free. Then, heaven help you all.'

Sara Moore

If General Fort is to be believed, then he was used by Ruladak, and the Strong One is already close to Freedom! There is only on eoption left, Task Force Truth. If the Legend of Ruladak is about to come true again, then that Legend must be met head-on, and defeated.

Defeat Ruladak the Strong

Sara Moore

Ruladak is awakened, but he is weakened thanks to your valiant efforts. he will soon be able to marshal his creatures and gather his full power. now is the only time to strike, before he has regained his strength. You must defeat Ruladak the Strong.

The only task left is to battle Ruladak the Strong before he escapes his bonds within Tyrant's Rock. It is up to you, now. You have fought so hard and so valiantly, heroes. No matter what, I have been proudto have worked with you, and to have renewed the compact between the People of Paragon and the Heroes of Paragon once more, as my Grandfather did in ancient time. Thank you, heroes. Thank you.

Part 15: Defeat Ruladak the Strong (Defeat Ruladak the Strong)
Tunnels @ Cascade Archipelago

An overwhelming evil power stirs the very air with wakening malice.

Objective: You feel the entirety of the Shadow Shard shake with the destruction of Ruladak the Strong.

Mission Complete: You have defeated Ruladak the Strong, and laid to rest The Legend of Ruladak.

Destroyer of Strength
Awarded for completing the final mission of the Task Force.
Sara Moore

You did it! I knew you'd do it, but you did it! today there will be a new chapter to the Legend of Ruladak, and it shall tell of the monster's defeat! It's like the legends said! All of the legends about the great heroes, you made them all come true. I am so glad I was here to see it, to see you win. I thank you, great heroes. You have done us all so much, so many honours with your valiant deeds. You have defended the Peoples of Paragon as the legendary heroes of old, and have earned you place amongst them.

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