Brandon Bradley


Check the research facility and make certain that Dr. Bradley and his people are safe

Christine Lansdale

The Sky Raiders were recently stealing Rikti technology for a European crime syndicate. Interpol caught the syndicate's buyers, but not the Sky Raider contacts. Officially, the case is closed, but I think the Sky Raiders may try to make some side money by stealing more Rikti technology. We have their list of targets facilities, and I've been asking heroes to check things out. Could you go to one of the targeted facilities and make certain that Dr. Brandon Bradley and his people are safe?

If the Sky Raiders are going to attack that lab, you'll have your work cut out for you. Ensuring the safety of Dr. Bradley and his people will be your to priority. Also, the Sky Raiders employed jump-bots on each of the previous thefts, so if they do hit this place, you'll have to take it out too.

Part 1: Defeat lead Raider, his guards (2 technicians to save, Find Dr. Bradley)
Laboratory Sky Raiders

The improved security on this facility has obviously been bypassed. It looks like the Sky Raiders are already on the attack.

Mission Complete: You rescued Dr. Bradley and his assistants and recovered a Jumpbot memory unit.

ClueDr. Bradley conversation

When you rescued him, Dr. Bradley told you:

'It's lucky you arrived when you did. The Sky Raiders were going to take anything that wasn't bolted fast! They wouldn't have found much here, however, as we had just transferred much of the Rikti technology we had been studying to another facility. However, they spoke of being on a tight schedule to finish this series of raids, so I'm afraid they may be planning to strike other locations.

ClueJumpbot Memory Unit

You recovered this memory core from a Sky Raider Jumpbot during battle. It may contain useful data. Justine Kelly, the noted computer hacker, might be able to reveal its secrets.

Part 2: Talk to Justine Kelly
Delivery @ Independence Port
Justine Kelly

Christine Lansdale said you would be coming. Jumpbot computers are normally destroyed when they self destruct, so this is a really lucky catch. Let me take a look. Deep analysis would take too long, but I can give you it's rendezvous coordinates. Go check them out.

ClueSky Raider Coordinates

Justine Kelly was able to pry a great deal of information from the Jumpbot memory core you captured, including a return location that should lead right back to the Sky Raiders.

Part 3: Defeat all Sky Raiders
Abandoned Warehouse @ Independence Port The Lost,Sky Raiders,Rikti

You are greeted almost immediately by the sounds of conflict.

Mission Complete: You cleared the Sky Raiders Facility.

Christine Lansdale

You did a great job fighting through what was starting to look like a total mess. I'm guessing the Lost tried to jump the Sky Raiders to steal whatever Rikti devices they'd found and sell them. It is kind of weird that they acted so quickly, though, but there are a lot of mysteries about the Lost. The important thing is that you stopped the Sky Raiders.

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