Confront the Sky Raiders


Fight the Sky Raiders in Terra Volta

Christine Lansdale

The Sky Raiders are starting to get out of control in Terra Volta. Their raids and constant thefts are a real hazard to the complex's continued operations. I need a hero who is willing to confront them and stop some of their actions in Terra Volta.

The Sky Raiders have been spotted all over Terra Volta, but if you're having trouble looking for them, I'm sure you'll find them around the Rogers Industries facility and the Gordon Trench, though you shouldn't have to confine yourself to those areas.

Part 1: Combat Raiders in Terra Volta (Defeat 30 Sky Raiders)
Defeat X @ Terra Volta Sky Raiders

Mission Complete: You have cleared enough Sky Raiders from Terra Volta to put a dent in their operations.

Christine Lansdale

The Sky Raiders may be able to fly, but you've shown them that they aren't above the law, Red Tomax.

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