Break up deal between the Sky Raiders and Family


Break up deal between the Sky Raiders and Family

Christine Lansdale

The Sky Raiders and The Family aren't always on the best of terms, but they've been known to make deals with each other from time to time, Usually The Family likes to hire the Sky Raiders for mercenary work against their enemies, however, from time to time they have goods they want to exchange, This time, I've learned where such a deal is about to go down. Interested in breaking that deal up? They'll try to take care of business fast, though, you'll probably only have an hour and a half at the outside.

You'll have to do more then just show and bust some heads to see this one through, You'll need to gather all of the evidence and take down the negotiators for both sides. It's very likely that they'll be well protected, though, so you may want to take some allies with you. The Raider's negotiator will probably be a Lt. Gary, and if my sources are right, the Family will have 'Spats' Malone there for their end of the deal.

Part 1: Stop villains' leaders, their men - 1:30:00 (6 pieces of evidence to gather)
Warehouse @ Independence Port Sky Raiders,The Family

You spot Sky Raider guards and Family thugs both keeping watch for trouble. Trouble like you.

Objective: You found Superadine doses.

ClueSuperadine doses

This crate contains hundreds of vials of Superadine, the drug pushed by the Family and it's sub-groups.

Objective: You found something.

ClueAdvanced assault rifles

These high powered weapons are the type of high-end military hardware normally used by the Sky Raiders.

Objective: You found financial account numbers.

ClueAccount numbers

These account numbers and passwords will give access to a great deal of money hidden in offshore accounts.

Objective: You found something.

ClueSmuggled diamonds

This crate contains dozens of black velvet lined metal cases, each filled with gem-quality diamonds. From the markings on the crate and the few flecks of blood on the cases, you can determine that these diamonds were most likely stolen from the African country of West Libertalia.

Mission Complete: You found all the evidence for the deal and defeated both side's negotiators.

Christine Lansdale

From what you gathered it looked like they were trading weapons and diamonds for Superadine and money in offshore accounts. I'm glad you were able to break this one up, it would have been the kind of win-win deal for the bad guys that would have made innocent people lose.

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