Portal Corp. Protection


Protect the lab from the Lost

Eliza Thorpe

A Portal Corporation research lab that works on monitoring the teleportation grid just came under attack from the Lost. They need help, fast. The teleportation grid is one of the things that keeps Paragon City's heroes alive. I need you to protect that lab from the Lost. They think that their security might be able to hold off the Lost for up to 2 hours, and who knows what the Lost will do after that. That teleportation equipment is critical. If it's destroyed, we'll have to consider this mission a failure.

That teleportation grid is integral to this city. If the Lost take it down, we could lose a lot of fine heroes.

Part 1: Defeat Lost leader, his men - 2:00:00 (6 scientists to save, 3 machines to save)
Laboratory The Lost

The Lost hit the place by surprise, blasting their way in with scavenged Rikti weapons. The Lab's defenses didn't last a minute.

Mission Complete: The Lost's attack on the Lab is over.

ClueQuantum Flux Discovery

When you rescued her, Dr. Harlie Arcadia told you:

'We were conducting a routine study of the teleportation grid the city uses to rescue heroes in mortal danger, when we noticed some strange perturbations in the network. Firstly, it seems that the network is handling far more traffic than it should be. And secondly, some of this traffic isn't matter moving across the grid, but some sort of quantum flux. I don't know if it's related to this attack, but I thought you should know in case it is.'

ClueQuantum Flux Complexity

When you rescued him, Dr. Albert Quigley told you:

'Shortly before we were attacked we'd discovered a strange quantum flux in the teleportation network. The astounding thing about these strange patterns was their astounding complexity. I have no idea what it could be, but our attackers kept asking what we knew about it.'

ClueQuantum Flux Theory

When you rescued her, Dr. Victoria Lazlowe told you:

'I had a theory about the strange quantum fluctuations my colleagues had discovered. They can explain more about the discovery itself, but the complexity and the pattern of the fluctuations looks to me at least like some kind of communication. Like something has either been using the teleport grid to communicate or it's communication has been picked up accidentally by the grid. I suppose we should have expected an attack, but not from the Lost. How could they use the grid at all?'

Mission Failed: You have failed to secure the lab.

Eliza Thorpe

From what the scientists you rescued say, it seems that the attack might have been triggered by their discovery of that strange quantum flux on the teleportation grid. I wonder if it really is some kind of communication, like Dr. Lazlowe theorized. And why would that interest the Lost at all? It may be a long time before anyone knows. But today you saved a lot of lives, and that's what's important.

On mission failure:

I know that you did the best you could. There just wasn't enough time. Fortunately, it looks like no one was hurt this time. We still don't know exactly why the Lost attacked, but it seemed they found what they were looking for.

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