The Defense of Terra Volta


Go to Terra Volta and defeat Devouring Earth

Eliza Thorpe

The Terra Volta reactor has been under constant attack by the Devouring Earth. They see the reactor and its power complex as an affront to nature. Not to mention that the War Walls it powers stop their progress through Paragon City. I'd like to ask you to lend a hand in the defense of Terra Volta, as many heroes have in the past.

The Devouring Earth have been spotted around Rogers Industries and Carter Engineering. But you can probably find the monsters anywhere you see ruined buildings.

Part 1: Defeat Devouring Earth in Terra Volta (Defeat 30 Devouring Earth)
Defeat X @ Terra Volta Devouring Earth

Mission Complete: You have cleared enough Devouring Earth out of Terra Volta.

Eliza Thorpe

Good work in Terra Volta, Red Tomax. Whatever your feelings on nuclear power, Terra Volta is vital to the continued existence of the city. That old reactor probably should be shut down, but right now it's the only thing that can provide power for the War Walls. If the Devouring Earth ever succeeded in destroying it, the chaos would be unimaginable.

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