Stop the spread of the drug Shift

Eliza Thorpe

There's been some rumours circlulating about a nasty new drug called Shift that the Family has been selling sporadically. It's a euphoric hallucinogen with a nasty addictive side, but they've already sold out of their supplies. Here's the twist, though. Analysis of captured samples of the drug link it chemically to the mutagens found in the system of captured members of the Lost. My sources have pinned down where the Family are going to be buying themselves a new supply of this stuff. If you can shut this down now, maybe you can stop the spread of this Shift.

I knew I could count on you.

Part 1: Stop villains' leader, his men (2 drugs to find, Find drug data!)
Warehouse The Lost,The Family

You can hear the sounds of talking inside. It sounds like a lot of deals are being made.

Objective: You found a sample of the prototype drug 'Shift'.

ClueShift sample

These ampoules of clean green fluid are samples of the drug 'Shift'.

Objective: This crate is full of Superdyne. You tag it as evidence.

Objective: You have found a sample of the Lost's mutagen.

ClueLost mutagens

This sticky liquid is a sample of the mutagens that the Lost use to alter their initiates into something other than human. Oddly, the abhorrent looking sludge has a strangely compelling odour.

Objective: You found notes on the creation of the drug 'Shift'.

ClueShift creation notes

These roughly written yet extensive notes detail step by step the process of altering the Lost Mutagen into the experimental drug called Shift.

Mission Complete: You have stopped the transaction between the Family and the Lost and stopped the spread of the drug 'Shift'.

Eliza Thorpe

They way you shut down 'Shift' has knocked the drug right off the streets. It seems the Family felt it was a little too hot to move, and now none of the other street gangs are touching the stuff after you took such decisive action. I'll make sure that all the samples you took go to the right people, just in case the Lost find a new distributor.

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