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Go see Gordon Bower

Christine Lansdale

I'd like you to make a little trip up north, Red Tomax. There's a friend of mine named Gordon Bower who could really use your help. GOrdon's a mayor of a little resort village named Salamanca. Lately the atmosphere up there has been ... well, weird. Disturbing. Deadly, even. There's far too much for me to explain, and you might not believe me if I did. You'll just have to see it for yourself.

The village's name is Salamanca, but people have been called the area Croatoa lately. You'll see why once you get there.

Part 1: Go see Gordon Bower
Delivery @ Croatoa
Gordon Bower

Thank you for coming. As you can see, Salamanca isn't a nice place to live. Not anymore. We've got a few amateur mystics trying to keep our town safe, but we need more than their spells, Red Tomax. We need you.

I know Salamanca's problems aren't the only one you face. Come at any time, and I will be grateful for your help.

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