Malta Report


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Help Television learn about the Malta Group


You Tune into the Television, curious what you'll see this time. The show that fades onto the screen is from nearly a decade ago, but was really big in it's time. It was an intricate paranoïd police procedural about a conspiracy theorist FBI agent and his attractive, but skeptical, medical doctor partner. For several seasons the two investigated supernatural and paranormal events, UFO landings, and government conspiracies. As You tune in, the two lead characters are in their basement offices, discussing their latest case. The Conspiracy Theorist agent as put up a huge organizational chart, detailing all kinds of strange connections. His partner look on, an exasperated expression on her face.

'But this just doesn't make sense,' she protests, 'All of this is pure conjecture based on circumstantial evidence. Missing prisoners, an abandoned Russian science-city, old metahuman draft laws, coordination between different intelligence agencies. This is crazy.'

'Don't you get it?' He asks as his brow furrows. 'That's why they've stayed secret all of this time. Because it sounds crazy. After the old Might-For-Right act was overturned, they just went underground! Now they're trying to take control of everything!'

She shakes her head in reply. 'Of course it sounds crazy. It IS crazy! Villain Name,' she asks as she turn to you. 'What do you think about this conspiracy my partner's cooked up?'

He turns to you as well, 'It's no mere conspiracy! It's the Malta Group, and Television needs to know about them.'

'You see!' the Conspiracy Theorist agent nearly shouts to his partner, as he point directly at you. 'Dread Tomax has probably encountered them before!' He turn back to you and jams a finger at the center of the organizational chart. 'The Malta Group, they want to control everything if they can, but they want to stay hidden, too. They try to hide from the media, to hide from Television, and we can't allow that. Television has to know about this conspiracy.'

His partner still looks skeptical. 'Even if this all true, how can even Dread Tomax get that information?' Right after she says it, she looks directly at you and adds a quick 'No offense.'

Her partner looks pleased with himself. 'That's where we're in luck. One of them was watching Television while he was compiling information at a base underneath Grandville Island. And whenever someone watches Television...'

'Television watches them' She nods in understanding. 'I get it. But can Dread Tomax get that report for us?' She say with a worried look.

'Don't worry', her partner replies in confidence. 'Have a little faith in Dread Tomax. And in Television.'

Part 1: Recover report on Malta (Find the Malta Disk)
Laboratory @ Grandville Malta Operatives

Sometimes you have to wonder how they can even build a foundation on this island with all the secret underground lairs everywhere.

Objective: You found the disk.

ClueA labeled disk

This data disk has only one marking on it, a white sticker with the words: 'Organization Timeline' on it.

Mission Complete: You found the Malta disk.


When you get back, it looks like a lot has happened on the show. Now the Conspiracy Theorist and his Skeptical Partner are being held at gunpoint by another character, an older mas who's smoking a cigarette. The three of them are standing on the deck of a ship on a storm tossed sea. As you arrive, the gunman turns on you.

'Ah, there you are, Dread Tomax. We've been waiting for you.' He takes a long drag off of his cigarette. 'True to their characters, these two have their own ideas about what to do with that disk you have. But, fortunately for people like us, the good guys don't always win. And right now, Television needs that disk. Just put it into the player over there.'

He points below the screen with the tip of his cigarette. You were sure you didn't see a player there before, bet there's one now. You insert the disk, and watch as the gun-toting smoker reaches his free hand down below the screen and pulls up the disk.

'Thank you, Dread Tomax he says. 'You've just done a great favour for Television. But if you'll excuse us, I think this is a cliff-hanger episode, and we're right about ar the end.'

Just as he says it, the three of them are caught in a pillar of light and strange gray-skinned humanoids start to descend from the sky. The last thing you hear before the credits roll is the Skeptical Partner, who turns to the Conspiracy Theorist and simply asks: 'So, can I finally start believing all of this stuff yet?'

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