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Mission Index

Alter the Destined One list and insert your own name onto it.

Alan Desslock

So, you come to me because you want to pretend you are a Destined One, eh? Want all the perks that go with being one of the few, the proud, the Tools of Lord Recluse?

Well, I can see advantages for myself in helping you out here, so I am willing to do this with you. You are going to owe me a lot of favours for my help, but we can cross that bridge when you are a bit more powerful. For now, you gotta put your name onto the list. You do know there is a list, right? Kalinda, one of Lord Recluse's seers, divined who the actual Destined Ones can be, and made a list. It's electronic so it shouldn't be too hard to insert your name onto it. I even have a virus you can upload that will stick your name onto all the copies on the Arachnos computer network as well.

It's a simple job, and brings with it the benefits of being one of Lord Recluse's Destined Ones. Pretty good for a days work, I'd say.

Once you finish, you should start seeing the benefits of your work immediately by seeing Kalinda herself for some Destiny-related jobs.

You have received the computer virus from Alan Desslock.

ClueDesslock's Virus

Desslock fashioned a virus to replicate the master Destined One list over any of its copies on other networked computers. After it finishes it will act like a Freedom Corps watchdog program in order to throw the Arachnos techs off the trail of anyone affecting the Destined One lists.

Part 1: Alter Destined One List (Alter Destined One Mainframe)
Arachnos Base @ Mercy Island Arachnos

Since you are not supposed to be here, you shoul take care of any witnesses as well.

Objective: You have placed your name on the list and uploaded Desslock's virus.

ClueThe New List

You have a copy of the new list that you created. It has your name listed among the list of possible 'Destined Ones'. You have taken your first step in your master plan.

Mission Complete: You are now on the Destined One list and are part of ProjecT: Destiny whether Lord Recluse likes it or not!

Alan Desslock

Well, you've taken your first step.

You should go and see Kalinda now that you are on the list and start doing what she needs. I should have more for you to do when you are Threat Level 5.

On the off chance you don't want to deal with Arachnos much, I'd go speak with Burke.

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