Deliver the Data Disc


Deliver the data disc to Rachel Torres

Rebecca Brinell

The police department is asking for all the data we've collected on the Vahzilok. I need someone to deliver this data disc to an officer named Rachel Torres. She'll see that the department gets the info.

Don't let this information fall into the wrong hands.

ClueData on Vahzilok

This data disc contains all the data SERAPH has on the Vahzilok menace.

Part 1: Take data to Detective Rachel Torres
Delivery @ Galaxy City
Rachel Torres

Thanks, Red Tomax. The department's been having a heard time containing the Vahzilok, and this data should help. In fact, as long as you're here, we could really use some immediate assistance. There is a cave in Galaxy City that the Vahzilok have been using as a secret research lab. We haven't been able to muster the manpower to take it down, but I wouldn't be surprised if you could do the job.

Part 2: Defeat lab leader and his crew (2 hostages remaining)
Caverns @ Galaxy City Vahzilok

A wet slick of sewer slime makes your footing unsteady.

Objective: You found some research data.

ClueMorbid research data

The research data you recovered from the Vahzilok cave is very disturbing. Apparently they are using the cover of night to conduct 'involuntary organ donations' in Kings Row.

Mission Complete: You defeated the vahzilok and rescued the hostages.

Rebecca Brinell

You did a great job taking out that Vahzilok lab, Red Tomax. Rachel already called to say you have the police department's gratitude.

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