Time's Arrow


Agree to form a task force


Well met.

I am Imperious, deposed ruler of Cimerora. My men and I have fallen back to this outpost as we plan our attack to retake our lands. But much work has to be done before that can happen. Montague Castanella told me that he would send people to aid me from his land. I welcome the help.

Take the boat to the mountain of the oracle. Seek out Sister Solaris and ask for her divinations. She will show us the path to victory.

Part 1: Consult the Oracle (10 Sybils to rescue)
Instanced Outdoor [Cimerora] @ Cimerora Cimeroran Traitors

Imperious believes that consulting the Oracle will show you the way to defeating Romulus.

Mission Complete: You've rescued Sister Solaris and the other Sybils as well as consulting the Oracle. Return to Imperious for further instruction.


As Sister Solaris hovered in the air above you she recited these words...

Time is not our own ...
... the arrow flies to the quiver.

Beats of metal, flesh and darkness
merge to create an army of night
spreading it's pitch from horizon to horizon.

Only travelers out of time
can hope to die by dawn's first light.


I do not know why I am surprised that Romulus would try and take over Point Phoebas and the Sybils. Perhaps I assumed that even he had limits to what he would do - a mistake I have made too often. But never again.

What did the Oracle tell you? I hope it is of use to us.

Take out the shadow cysts


The dark ones, the ones you called the Nictus, have infected the catacombs beneath this land. They seem to thrive from large black shadow crystals hidden within those tunnels. I believe this should be our next assault.

I heard rumors of these dark ones in the caves while I was still in power. I sent Romulus and a contingent of men to investigate. Only Romulus returned, cut and beaten, claiming he had faced a beast from Hades

If I only knew then what I know now, that the cuts on Romulus were from my own men trying to defend themselves against that traitor!

I have spoken with Daedalus, my prized crafter, and it is his belief that if you destroy the shadow crystals, you will destroy the ability of the dark ones to survive in this realm.

Part 2: Destroy the Shadow Cysts (10 Shadow Cysts)
Cimerora Tunnels @ Cimerora Nictus,Cimeroran Traitors

Destroying the crystals will destroy the dark ones' ablities to survive in these catacombs.

Mission Complete: You've destroyed the Shadow Cysts. Return to Imperious for further instructions.


I could hear the screams of those creatures from here. You are a mean group of warriors; I have never seen any more fierce.

With the crystals destroyed and the dark ones weakened, I believe the power of Romulus is now threatened.

Now is the time we strike.

Stop Romulus


I have questioned many of Romulus' men you captured from the catacombs. They revealed some startling information.

Romulus is rallying the full force of his army to assault your own time.

He plans to use two Incarnates from your time to awaken two of his giant colossi. Perhaps you have heard of these men. They go by the names Statesman and Lord Recluse. These colossi are being crafted in the mountains of Vespillos Pass.

The army waits in Vespillos Pass for a ship that will take them to your time. From there, they plan to capture these two men, bring them back here, and wake the sleeping giants.

You do not want this to happen, whatever your allegiance is to these two Incarnates. I have seen, first-hand, the devastation left behind by the forces of Romulus. I have called for help on this task.

You will be joined by my prized artisan, Daedalus. He will assist you in your journey up the pass to the colossi.

Part 3: Stop Romulus (5 Generals, Romulus Phalanx, Defeat Romulus, 100 Cimerorean Traitors)
Instanced Outdoor [Cimerora] @ Cimerora 5th Column,Nictus,Cimeroran Traitors

Romulus is rallying his troops for a full asault on your time.
They plan to use Statesman and Lord Recluse to power their giant colossi.

Objective: You've destroyed the 5th Column Mech control computer.

Objective: You've defeated Requiem.

ClueRequiem's Journal

After you defeated Requiem, you pull from him a small black journal. Reading through it you find it is entirely in some sort of code that only he can understand. Just as you think you're not going to get anything out of him, Requiem begins to talk ...

I have come across time itself to this land. Our temporal strongholds are growing even now as you stand here gloating. You think you have won, but that is only because you are ignorant to my plans.

I came here to establish another stronghold in Cimerora. This cradle of power is to be my training ground for recruits. The Cimerorans are the best fighters time has ever seen. They shall be mine.

Nothing you can do now or later will ever stop me.

With those words, Requiem teleports away to an unknown location.

Objective: You've defeated Romulus Augustus.

Objective: You've defeated a traitorous general to Cimerora.

Mission Complete: You've defeated Romulus Augustus and stopped their attack on Paragon City and the Rogue Isles.

Retake the city


Before you arrived, I had hoped that I would be able to retake my own city, but that has not been the case. Since your arrival, you have systematically removed on obstacle after another. Now, only a single block remains before this land is once again returned to its rightful ruler.

I need your help and you have proven that, above all, you are the ones to help me.

Gather your forces; it is time to reclaim the city! The time for subtlety is no more! Now we storm the gates!

I will be joining you on this assault. It is my home; if anyone should be by your side, it should be me.

But I have some grave news for you. It would appear that somehow Romulus survived your battle at Vespillos Pass. He is guarded by his entire remaining army. The battle will be a fierce one, but I promise you, it will end with Romulus tasting my blade one inch at a time.

Part 4: Reclaim Cimerora (Defeat Romulus & Minions, 300 traitors to defeat)
Instanced Outdoor [Cimerora] @ Cimerora 5th Column,Nictus,Cimeroran Traitors

It is only fitting that the final battle against Romulus happens here, at the heard of Cimerora.

Objective: You have defeated Romulus Augustus.

Mission Complete: You have recaptured Castellum Quarter, the inner city of Cimerora. In doing so, you've defeated over 300 of Romulus' men and Romulus himself.


We have retaken the city, defeated Romulus and the dark ones and even sent those vile 5th Column back across time. Glorious!

The people of Cimerora owe you a debt beyond mere words. You came here owing me nothing, yet giving me back everything I had lost. Now I am the one in your debt.

I will make sure that your deeds and your memory are remembered throughout all of time.

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