Stop Romulus' Men


Accept task to stop Spurius Flavius

Marcus Valerius

One of my spies has reported that Romulus has placed another contingent of his men, led by Spurius Flavius, nearby. Your task is to stop him before he can organize his soldiers for another attack on this post.

He hides away like an old woman while he sends his men to perish for his cause. Find him and defeat him. I am counting on your continued success, Red Tomax.

You have 60 minutes to complete this mission

Part 1: Defeat Spurius Flavius and his men - 1:00:00 (Defeat Spurius Flavius)
Cimerora Tunnels @ Cimerora Cimeroran Traitors

Sounds of laughter and cheers echo from the walls. This is good. Clearly, they're not expecting trouble.

Objective: You've defeated Spurius Flavius. Return to Marcus Valerius for further instructions.

Mission Complete: You have completed your task successfully.

Marcus Valerius

If I had but an army of the calibre such as the kind you display, Red Tomax, our cause would already be won.

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