Prove Yourself


Accept Marcus' task to prove yourself

Marcus Valerius

Your dress is odd for a man, yet I recognise great power in you. At least I hope I do

I need soldiers who fight to keep the seed of all our power from a very dangerous foe, a demigod from Hades who seeks to steal this power from humanity and use it for himself and his ilk. These are dark times here in Cimerora and my allies are few. To prove to me that you are a person whom I may trust, I would have you fulfill a task for me.

Excellent ... Red Tomax, is it? An unfamiliar name, I admit. No matter. I am a soldier, not a poet.

Your task is simple: Romulus' men have been using one of the caves hereon the peninsula as a 'meeting ground' of sorts. Inside, a man by the name of Appius Seius riles up those traitorous dogs just before a raid on our post.

I have information that tells me he is gearing his men up for another one soon. I need you to stop him, and his men, before they attack us again.

You have 45 minutes to complete this mission.

Part 1: Defeat Appius Seius - 45:00
Cimerora Tunnels @ Cimerora Cimeroran Traitors

Ale, sweat, and the cries of men gearing up for mayhem. This is, most definitely, the place. Time for a little smackdown, ancient style.

Objective: Appius Seius has been defeated. Return to Marcus Valerius for further instructions.

Mission Complete: You have successfully completed your task.

Marcus Valerius

You bested Appius Seius? I Knew my faith was not misplaced, Red Tomax. I do now believe I can trust you with my most important tasks. That is, if you are willing.

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