Stop the Circle of Thorns contacting an alternate world


  • CategoryAccomplishment Badge
  • FlashbackVisit Ouroborus to Flashback to this story
  • ContactsCadao Kestrel (Founders' Falls)
  • Level Range35 - 40
  • Badge Frontline You stopped a battle between the Circle of Thorns and the Oranbegans from another dimension.

Stop the Circle of Thorns from contacting an alternate world

Cadao Kestrel

I just got word of a Circle plot that could alter the world as we know it. They're trying to set up a portal to an alternate dimension: a dimension in which their lost civilization of Oranbega flourished. If they can contact those Oranbegans, there's no telling what kind of damage they can do to this reality. You've got to stop the Circle of Thorns from contacting an alternate world!

Please hurry! An alternate Oranbega could unleash a magical fury such as we have never seen!

Part 1: Destroy Circle's potal
Oranbega @ Talos Island Circle of Thorns

It's quiet in this base: no chanting, no voices, just the sound of your own rapid breath.

Mission Complete: You shut down the Circle's portal, but failed to prevent them from bringing in reinforcements from the alternate world's Oranbega. After calling your contact, you receive instructions to speak to Peter Stemitz about the possible threat these new Oranbega

ClueThe arrival of the Oranbegans

One of the Circle of Thorns mystics you defeated told you:

'You may have shut down our portal, but our descendants are already here.'

Part 2: Talk to Peter Stemitz
Delivery @ Founders' Falls
Peter Stemitz

Yo, Red Tomax. I guess you could say I know a little about the Oranbegans. In fact, I used to be one! I remember all of my past lives, and the one I lived in Oranbega was sweet. Grace, tranquility, intellectual achievement: that's what it was all about. it's still hard for me to believe that the Circle of Thorns grew from such an enlightened society. Whoops, there's my phone!

Whoa, Red Tomax! Cadao Kestrel just called me with a major problem! There's a huge battle going on in a nearby office complex, between two groups of Circel mystics! There's an emergency forcefield in place, but you better get over there fast!

Part 3: Stop Circle's battle
Instanced Outdoor

The sound of rapid mystical blasts ricochets off the buildings.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Circle of Thorns.

Awarded for completing the mission.
Cadao Kestrel

So, the Oranbegans from the alternate reality had no interest in joining the Circle of Thorns. On the contrary, they sem to ba as appalled by the Circle's practices as we are. it's strange to think that they were once the same people. I wonder what happened to the Circle, to turn them into such ghouls?

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