Carmine St. Iago


Rescue Carmine St. Iago from the Freakshow

Marvin Weintraub

The Freakshow have kidnapped Carmine St. Iago, a city official, long suspected of corruption and having connections with the Family, the crime syndicate from Independence Port. It looks like everyone may have been wrong about him, however, if the Freaks want him. Go to the abandoned warehouse on your map, defeat all villains you find there, and rescue Carmine St. Iago. You'll need to move on this one, you'll probably only have 90 minutes to wrap this up.

Something doesn't add up about this, I can't put my finger on it, but watch yourself.

Part 1: Bust gang leaders, their crews - 1:30:00 (Find Carmine St. Iago)
Abandoned Warehouse @ Independence Port Freakshow,The Family

As you enter the building, something doesn't feel quite right. There are a large number of vehicles parked nearby.

Mission Complete: You located Carmine St. Iago and defeated the villains.

Marvin Weintraub

So, the Family was trying to rescue Carmine St. Iago, huh? Sounds like out suspicions about him might have been correct after all. This is good information. Well done, Red Tomax.

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