Frankie Frost and the Fishes


Prevent Frankie from sleeping with the fishes

Christine Lansdale

Word on the street is that Frankie Frost, the nephew of Family head Sebastian Frost, is in big trouble. His uncle has called for him to be killed, apparently because the punk was skimming. How stupid can you be? Frankie might be willing to talk if he thinks that he could be protected, and that could hurt the Family badly. I need you to prevent Frankie from sleeping with the fishes. He's on the run right now; you've only got 90 minutes to find him.

Frankie took to the streets this morning. I called for an emergency force field, but I'm afraid I may not have been fast enough to keep the Family from tailing him.

Part 1: Capture Frankie & his men - 1:30:00
Instanced Outdoor [Kings Row] @ Picadilly Row The Family

The residents of Picadilly Row have wisely decided to remain inside today. The streets are deserted except for the Family.

Mission Complete: You defeated all the Family and safely captured Frankie Frost.

Christine Lansdale

With Frankie Frost in custody, we can get a lot of dirt on the Family. This was definitely a coup, Red Tomax.

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