Terra Volta Security Detail


Help the Terra Volta Security Chief

Christine Lansdale

The Security Chief for Terra Volta needs some help with the Sky Raiders. Do me a favour and help him out. If you say yes, you'll want to bring backup. It's dangerous there.

Terra Volta is a hot spot due to its strategic value. I would recommend that you bring some help with you.

Part 1: Assist Security Chief
Delivery @ Independence Port
Security Chief

The Sky Raiders are very active, especially over at Challenger Tech and Carter Engineering. See if you can do something about that. Here's some info on the area.

ClueTerra Volta Briefing

When Oswald Price built the first electrical power plant in Paragon City, he placed it on a verdant, underdeveloped island in the middle of the city's port. Drawing on his classical education, he named the island 'Terra Volta'. Oswald's island soon blossomed with industry, as manufacturing companies sought the proximity of the port and power plant. The plant eventually gave way to a modern nuclear facility, but Terra Volta remains the city's primary power source. Unfortunately, it has not remained industrious. Many companies abandoned their factories during the Rikti War, fearing an attack on the plant. As a result, several villain groups now make their home on the island. the nuclear power plant remains under the city's control, but no one knows how long it will stay that way.

Part 2: Keep peace in Terra Volta (Defeat 35 Sky Raiders)
Defeat x @ Terra Volta Sky Raiders

Mission Complete: You have defeated 35 Sky Raiders.

Christine Lansdale

Nice work in Terra Volta, Red Tomax. That was no mean feat!

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