Pro-Active Family


Take the fight to the Family in Independence Port

Christine Lansdale

I have a warning for you, Red Tomax. My contacts tell me that the Family have put the word out that you're not welcome in Independence Port. They've put a hit on you, and a bounty for any family member who takes you down. I think you might want to be a bit pro-active and take the fight to them on the streets of Independence Port.

The Family don't play around, Red Tomax. You'll have to defeat about 30 of them or so to get the message across that you're not playing either. If you're having trouble finding them, you might want to try the Justice Quay.

Part 1: Defeat the Family in Independence Port (Defeat 30 Family)
Defeat x @ Independence Port The Family

Mission Complete: You've taught the Family the lesson. The hit is off.

Christine Lansdale

The Family have withdrawn the hit on you. You caused enough damage that it was just too dangerous for them.

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