Just How Wrong Can You Be?


Fight the Family in Independence Port

Christine Lansdale

The Family have started leaning on the businesspeople of Independence Port. They seem to think that with so much hero attention going to protecting Terra Volta or fighting groups like the Council and the Freakshow, they're free to do as they please. I'd like to see them taught just how wrong they are.

If the Family thinks heroes aren't paying attention to their crimes they're sure to try and increase their activity. If you can defeat about 30 of them, they should be able to get the message.

Part 1: Defeat the Family in Independence Port (Defeat 30 Family)
Defeat x @ Independence Port The Family

Mission Complete: You have defeated enough Family.

Christine Lansdale

You really showed the Family, Red Tomax! They won't think that they can escape the notice of Pargon City's heroes for some time after all of this. The City's businesspeople are thankful.

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