Family Protests


Go to Independence Port and stop the Family protests

Wilma Peterson

I guess you've heard that a Family captain, Johnnie Two Shoes, is being tried tomorrow for murder and conspiracy? Well, I can assure you the thugs over in Independence Port are aware of it! They've been protesting by wreaking havoc on city property. Someone's got to get over to Independence Port and stop the Family protests. Can you do it?

Tempers are particularly high in Wave Landing and Crey Cove. I recommend starting in one of those neighborhoods.

Part 1: Fight Family in Independence Port (Defeat 20 Family)
Defeat x @ Independence Port The Family

Mission Complete: You have discouraged the Family from protesting the trial of Johnnie Two Shoes.

Wilma Peterson

The Family hates to see one of their men put in jail. Thanks for keeping them from taking it out on the city, Red Tomax.

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