Take the fight back to the Freakshow


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Take the fight bakc to the Freakshow

Wilma Peterson

Every faction of the Freakshow follows the word of one man, the leader they call Dreck. Dreck's latest edict is for the Freakshow to take every possible opportunity to defeat the city's heroes and prove that they havethe power to rule the city. The city's heroes will just have to take the fight right back to them. I've heard that the Freaks are particularly active in Talos Island and Independence Port, but they'll most likely confront you anywhere you go.

The Freakshow can be tenacious, but I thikn you've got what it takes to beat them.

Part 1: Combat Freakshow menace (Defeat 20 Freakshow)
Defeat x Freakshow

Mission Complete: You have discouraged the Freaks from challenging heroes.

Wilma Peterson

I understand that Dreck has stepped back from his latest edict to the Freakshow. He hasn't mentioned you by name, but I think he was a little alarmed by the way you stepped up to the challenge.

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