The Superadine Warehouse


Investigate the warehouse and destroy any Superadine you find

Wilma Peterson

We have an opportunity to strike a powerful blow against the Family, Red Tomax, but you will have to act quickly. We have traced a significant portion of their Superadine operation through a warehouse in Independence Port. I need you to investigate that warehouse and destroy any Superadine you find. We think they may be aware of our surveillance. You only have 75 minutes to investigate the warehouse.

This could be big, Red Tomax. We've been trying for years to get evidence on the Family's drug dealing.

Part 1: Investigate Family warehouse - 1:15:00 (4 Drugs, 2 Labs, 5 Chemicals, Evidence)
Warehouse @ Independence Port The Family

An acrid chemical smell pervades this area.

Objective: You found records of the Family's connection to this warehouse.

ClueFamily files

These files prove conclusively that the Superadine lab you destroyed was owned and operated by ranking Family members. This evidence, along with your testimony, should be enough to put these evildoers in jail.

Mission Complete: You have destroyed the Family's Superadine lab.

Wilma Peterson

That was a Herculean effort, Red Tomax. Shutting down that warehouse will put a huge dent in the Family's Superadine operation.

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