Defuse bombs to debuff villain damage


Defeat all Arachnos & defuse bombs

Warzone Agent Eckman

One of our command posts has been developing a suppression field device which weakens the offensive capabilities of villains in Bloody Bay. Unfortunately, we've recently received word that Arachnos has invaded the command post and are planning to blow it up! We need a hero to stop the Arachnos invaders and defuse the bombs! Are you that hero, Red Tomax?

The timer is ticking on those bombs! You have 60 minutes to complete this mission!

PvP Mission: This mission will bring you into direct conflict with villains.

If you manage to save the command post, we'll be able to activate the suppression field and weaken the villains offensive capabilities on Bloody Bay!

Part 1: Defeat all Arachnos & defuse bombs - 1:00:00 (3 bombs to disarm)
Longbow Base @ Bloody Bay Arachnos

You hear gunfire off in the distance. The Arachnos invaders are nearby!

Mission Complete: You defeated the Arachnos invaders and defused the bombs!

Awarded for completing the mission
Warzone Agent Eckman

Excellent work, Red Tomax! The suppression field device has been activated!

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