Introduction to Striga Isle


Mission Index

Take package to Stephanie Peebles

Dennis Ewell

Have you ever been to Striga Isle, Red Tomax? There's a woman there named Stephanie Peebles who needs our help. She's got all she can do trying to hold Port Noble together against the onslaught of the Council. Will you take this package over to Stephanie? I'd appreciate it if you didn't look inside. Oh, you might want to take some friends. It can get pretty dicey over there.

The Council has managed to entrench itself on Striga Isle but good. If you can give Stephanie any assistance against them, I'm sure she'll be grateful. Of course, I hope you won't forget about your old friends here in Paragon City. We'll always be grateful for you help, too.

ClueMysterious package

This package, intended for Stephanie Peebles, has a strange scent. Try as you might, you can't quite place it.

Part 1: Go see Stephanie Peebles
Delivery @ Striga Isle
Stephanie Peebles


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