Council Data


Recover the Council data

Oswald Cuthbert

My informants have uncovered a series of clues that seem to point to the location of a small Council base. From what we've pieced together, it looks like a lot of important data on troop movements is going through there. The problem is getting into into the base and getting out with the data. That's where you could help. Think you can recover that Council data, Red Tomax?

I want you on your guard, Red Tomax. The base commander is a man named Archon Rusk; he won't go down without a fight.

Part 1: Defeat Rusk and his guards (Recover Council Data)
Council Base @ Independence Port Council

Storage crates filled with computer gear line the walls.

Objective: You have the Council data

ClueCouncil data

The Council data contains detailed information on the locations of training bases in neighboring states, and the numbers of recruits assigned to them. Several of the recruits' are marked as candidates for some sort of special enhancement program.

Mission Complete: You recovered the data and defeated Archon Rusk.

Oswald Cuthbert

Shutting down some of these training bases should slow their recruiting. Good work, Red Tomax. I'll get this info to the proper people and make sure action is taken.

I am a little worried about the special enhancement program mentioned in these files. It seems every time we think we know what the Council is up to, they surprise us with something more.

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