Council Bombing


Stop the Council bombing

Oswald Cuthbert

We have a serious problem this time, Red Tomax. The Council broke into a government facility and kidnapped several of the world's leading chemists, along with a new explosive compound they've been working on. According to my sources, they're planning to blow up the old Walldorf factory. If that happens, lots of jobs, and lives, may be lost. Will you stop the Council bombing? You only have 75 minutes to deal with the situation.

The man who organized the Council strike is Archon Powell. I want him in custody before the day is out.

Part 1: Defeat Powell & his guards - 1:15:00 (Find explosive! 4 chemists to save)
Instanced Outdoor [Terra Volta] @ Board Train [Walldorf Factory] Council

You spot a Council agent hurrying a scientist down a walkway.

Objective: You have the only sample of the explosive compound.

ClueExplosive compound

This small dose of unstable explosive material is no bigger than a can of soup. Even this small amount might be enough to destroy an entire city zone.

Mission Complete: You rescued the chemists and recovered the explosive compound from the Council.

Oswald Cuthbert

Red Tomax, you just saved the Walldorf Factory from total destruction. I had no idea that the Council was growing so bold. With both Nosferatu and vandal now working under the Council's banner, they've got a lot of highly developed ordnance on their side. If it weren't for heroes like you, I don't really know if we could stand against them.

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