Terra Volta: Personal Property?


Show the Sky Raiders Terra Volts isn't their personal property

Oswald Cuthbert

The Sky Raiders' raids on Terra Volta have all of the city on edge. They've ben taking and holding territory all over the zone. In fact, they're using Terra Volta as the staging area for all of their attacks throughout the city. I'd like to see a hero show them Terra Volta isn't their personal property.

The Sky Raiders have been setting up staging areas near Coroman Manufacturing and Challenger Technology.

Part 1: Combat Sky Raiders in Terra Volta (Defeat 20 Sky Raiders)
Defeat x @ Terra Volta Sky Raiders

Mission Complete: You have decreased the Sky Raiders' territory in Terra Volta.

Oswald Cuthbert

The Terra Volta security guards reported a drop in Sky Raider efficiency almost the moment you got on the scene. Good work, Red Tomax.

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