The Mysterious Lost


Hit the streets and defeat a few Lost

Wilson Zucco

The scientists over at SERAPH want some more data on these mysterious Lost. If we can find out what has happened to those homeless people, we may be able to help them. I need you to hit the streets and defeat a few Lost. Take some tissue samples, then bring the data back to me.

Field reports have groups of the Lost in Kings Row and inside Perez Park. Good luck, Red Tomax.

Here's a medical kit for you. Be sure to take a tissue sample from every lost you defeat.

ClueMedical Kit

This medical kit contains sterile swabs and a dozen syringes. With it, you should be able to sample enough Lost tissue to give the doctors some insight into the strange changes taking place among the homeless population.

Part 1: Collect tissue samples from Lost (Defeat 10 Lost)
Defeat x The Lost

Mission Complete: You have collected enough tissue samples from the Lost.

ClueTissue Samples

You took these tissue samples from the Lost you defeated. They may help the scientists at SERAPH determine what has turned the homeless into the Lost.

Wilson Zucco

Thanks, Red Tomax. I hope your efforts have brought us closer to solving this mystery once and for all.

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