Skyway City Security Detail


Talk to the Skyway City Security Chief

Athena Currie

The Trolls are rampaging again! The Security Chief asked for you by name. Find him, and get your assignment.

These rampages are happening more and more. Something has to be done!

Part 1: Talk to Security Chief
Delivery @ Skyway City
Security Chief

Take this and get on the streets immediately. Stop those trolls! They've caused a lot of havoc in Vista Plaza and the Astral District.

Part 2: Stop rampage in Skyway City (Defeat 10 Trolls)
Defeat x @ Skyway City Trolls

Mission Complete: You have stopped the rampage.

Athena Currie

Good job today. There must be some link between Superadine and these rampages. The Trolls need to be cut off from their supply.

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