Cull the Vahzilok


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Hit the streets and cull the numbers of the Vahzilok

Pavel Garnier

Every time the Vahzilok population increases, so does the disease rate. The hospital wards are filling up, Red Tomax, and something has to be done. I want you to hit the streets and cull the numbers of the Vahzilok. Maybe that will get the city back on the mend.

There are Vahzilok all over Faultline and Steel Canyon. I'd like you to start in those areas.

Part 1: Stop wave of illness (Defeat 15 Vahzilok)
Defeat x Vahzilok

Mission Complete: You have decreased the number of illnesses propagated by the Vahzilok.

Pavel Garnier

You did a good job dealing with those Vahzilok, Red Tomax. Thanks to you, the hospitals are clearing up.

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