The Talisman of Jiang Li


Recover the Talisman of Jiang Li

Pavel Garnier

We've got a problem, Red Tomax. According to the mystics of MAGI, the Outcasts recently gor their hands on the Talisman of Jiang Li. It's a powerful artifact that gives the bearer the power to incinerate those with righteous souls. I can't think of anyone more righteous than the heroes of Paragon City! If the Outcasts figure out how to use that talisman, every hero could be in danger! You've got to recover the Talisman of Jiang Li!

Try seeking the Talisman in Boomtown or Steel Canyon. Those are the zones where the Outcasts usually hang out.

Part 1: Recover Talisman of Jiang Li (Defeat 15 Outcasts)
Defeat X Outcasts

Mission Complete: On one of the fallen Outcasts, you found the Talisman of Jiang Li.

ClueTalisman of Jiang Li

This evil talisman could easily be mistaken for a simple black pebble, were it not for the fact that it burns your hand.

Pavel Garnier

Thanks for recovering this talisman, Red Tomax. If you hadn't acted quickly, the Outcasts might have figured out how to use it.

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