Recover the Tome


Recover the tome from the Vahzilok

Pavel Garnier

I've learned that an Eidolon called Hunter has stolen the Tome of Telos. She's holed up in the Yellow Rose Cosmetics office, along with a bunch of Vahzilok. There's no telling what will happen if they manage to translate that book. I need you to recover the tome from the Vahzilok. You only have 90 minutes to deal with the Vahzilok.

The Tome of Vestis describes a number of powerful ceremonies. I don't want the Vahzilok performing any of them!

Part 1: Defeat Hunter and her minions - 1:30:00 (7 office workers to rescue, Recover the tome)
Office @ Skyway City Vahzilok

Sewer slime is smeared across the foyer's cheery wallpaper.

Objective: You found the Tome of Vestis.

ClueTome of Vestis

This tome is dedicated to the ancient god Vestis. It is written in an alphabet that you have never seen before.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Vahzilok, rescued the office workers, and recovered the Tome of Vestis.

Pavel Garnier

I've heard that the eidolons retain working brains and all the memories of their human lives. I guess the memory of being beautiful must have tortured Hunter. So she decided to regain her lost looks by performing one of the rituals described in the Tome of Vestis.

It's sad, really. How could anyone trade her life, however short, for a hollow existence as one of Vahzilok's zombies?

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