The Cursed Weapons


Re-Capture the cursed weapons and defeat Storm Strider

Thao Ku

A new Tsoo boss called Strom Strider has been stockpiling cursed weapons he's had his men steal at a warehouse downtown. I don't know what his plan is, but it cannot be good. We need a hero to go in there before they can use them.

You'll have two objectives this time. Your first objective is to re-capture the cursed weapons Storm Strider has gathered. Your second objective is to defeat Storm Strider and make sure he doesn't try something like this again.

Part 1: Defeat Storm Strider & get weapons (4 Artifacts remaining)
Office @ Steel Canyon Tsoo

Something feels wrong in this place. A sense of dread permeates everything.

Mission Complete: You have re-captured all of the cursed artifacts and defeated Storm Strider.

Thao Ku

It looks like you re-captured all of those cursed artifacts, and I heard you even beat Storm Strider himself. You did better than I could have hoped for, Red Tomax.

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