Troll Rampage in Skyway City


Go to Skyway City and stop the Troll rampages

Wyatt Anderson

Have you heard of those Troll rampages in Skyway City? According to my reports, each Troll takes a heavy dose of Superadine, enough to make him nearly insane with fury. Then they hit the streets and destroy everything in sight. It's some sort of recreation for them! I need you to get to Skyway City and stop the Troll rampages. If you can't, that zone won't be safe for people or property

Hide Park and the Land of the Lost have been hit recently. You might look for Trolls there.

Part 1: Combat Trolls in Skyway City (Defeat 15 Trolls)
Defeat x @ Skyway City Trolls

Mission Complete: You have discouraged the Trolls from their drug-induced rampages.

Wyatt Anderson

The Trolls embrace all the effects of Superadine, both positive and negative. It's their willingness to subject themselves to the drug's ravages that makes them such an overwhelming force.

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