Rescue Senator Dybalski


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Follow up on Holsten's claim that Senator Dybalski has been kidnapped by Rikti

Holsten Armitage

You, you believe me right? I swear, I am from the future! I built a time machine and escaped the Rikti genocide of humanity. I am here to help! I have all sorts of Science experiments I brought back that can really shake things up around here. But you... you don't believe me do you?

Most people don't believe I am from the future but i can prove it! If today's date is correct, then the Rikti have just kidnapped state Senator Dybalski. They held him in a sewer in Founder's Falls for three days before delivering his cold dead body on the steps of City Hall as a warning. But we've got ME! I know their plan!

If we can change this, then there truly will be hope for the future!

Part 1: Rescue Senator Dybalski
Sewer @ 'Crey's Folly' Rikti

You don't know if Holsten was telling the truth or not yet. You don't see any sign of the Senator or Rikti here.

Mission Complete: You have rescued the Senator, proving Holsten's story.

Holsten Armitage

See! I told you he was kidnapped by Rikti! Now that you believe me, lets get down to business.

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