The Troll's Contest of Strength


Break up the Trolls' contest of strength

Wyatt Anderson

The Trolls are running a contest of strength to determine which of their members will be promoted to leadership roles. The problem is, these contests are brutal fights that usually end with the winner going on a Superadine fueled rampage. Can you break up the Trolls' contest of strength? If you can, you'll probably save some lives. You only have 75 minutes to stop the Trolls' contest.

The Trolls probably have a cache of Superadine on hand for the winner. If you could destroy that, it would really ruin their contest.

Part 1: Defeat Troll leaders, their crews - 1:15:00 (4 drug caches to destroy)
Caverns Trolls

Deep-throated hoots and cheers echo through the cavern.

Mission Complete: You stopped the Trolls' contest of strength.

Wyatt Anderson

Without a contest of strength, the Trolls' won't be promoting any new leaders. That should keep them from expanding for a while.

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