Clear the Clockwork out of Faultline


Go to Faultline and defeat Clockwork

Tom Bowden

The Clockwork have been stepping up their activity in the Faultline region, stripping the abandoned buildings and the reconstruction sites of every bit of scrap of metal they can get to build more of themselves. The real worry is if they start to get into the dam. Clearing them out is a long term task, but every hero is needed to help keep their numbers down. The city needs a hero to go into Faultline and clear out Clockwork before they can do more harm.

Even though repairs have begun, Faultline can still be a dangerous place, Red Tomax. You may want to bring some allies with you. If you can destroy about 20 Clockwork, that should help out.

Part 1: Defeat 20 Clockwork in Faultline (Defeat 20 Clockwork)
Defeat x @ Faultline Clockwork

Mission Complete: You have cleared out enough Clockwork for now.

Tom Bowden

Good job fighting those Clockwork, Red Tomax. The last thing that stricken zone needs is those metal hungry machines eating away at everything.

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