Lost Rectors


Tom Bowden

I guess you've seen those Lost rectors preaching about their new order? It seems like the entire group is some sort of religious cult. In Skyway City, they've started swaying a lot of the homeless to their cause. I need you to get over to Skyway City and take down a few of the Lost. Maybe we can convince the rest of the homeless not to join up.

You can find Lost pretty easily in the Gruff or the Land of the Lost.

Part 1: Combat Lost in Skyway City (Defeat 15 Lost)
Defeat x @ Skyway City The Lost

Mission Complete: You have discouraged the homeless in Skyway City from joining the Lost.

Tom Bowden

Many of the homeless are desperate for a little comfort, it's easy to see how they can be swayed by the rhetoric of the Lost. But I think you showed them that the Lost are on the wrong side of the law in Paragon City. Combined with the City Council's new outreach program, your efforts may keep a lot of the homeless from wandering down a dangerous path.

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