Check out the office


Check out the office and defeat any Clockwork you find

Rick Davies

I get about ten reports like this a day, but most are false leads. Still, you can't be too careful. Those little mechanical horrors will walk away with anything metal that isn't bolted down. I saw one walking down the street with a bed frame the other day. Would you check out the office and defeat any Clockwork you find?

Watch out for the big Clockwork robot called Clik Clak. I hear it can be dangerous.

Part 1: Defeat Clik Clak and it's guards (Learn cause of the Clockwork attack)
Office @ Atlas Park Clockwork

The grinding of Clockwork gears tells you that this office is no false alarm!

Objective: You found some high tech robot parts.

ClueRobot Parts

You found these advanced robot parts in the offices of Grauman Technologies. It seems that the Clockwork robots were trying to destroy them.

Mission Complete: You defeated Clik Clak and its minions.

Rick Davies

Good work, Red Tomax. I'm afriad I can't tell you why the Clockwork were trying to destroy those robot parts. Perhaps the Clockwork King fears that someone else will produce better robots than his? If I were him, I wouldn't worry. His creations are remarkable! If only we could figure out how they work!

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