Fallen Heroes


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Learn about the fallen heroes

Rick Davies

I think you need to learn about the fallen heroes of Paragon City. This town has seen a lot of misery, but it's also seen some truly remarkable heroes.

Go read the plaque under the statue of Atlas.

Part 1: Read Atlas' plaque
Delivery @ Atlas Park
Atlas' Plaque

This statue commemorates the heroic death of the mighty Atlas. On December 7th, 1941, the Forces of the original 5th Column launched a surprise attack on Paragon City. Atlas single handedly fought back a large group of advancing 5th Column soldiers, and prevented them from gaining a foothold beyond Independence Port. His brave sacrifice held the area until the Freedom Phalanx arrived and drove back the invaders.

Mission Complete: You have learned some of the history of Paragon City.

Rick Davies

The fallen heroes gave their lives fighting for the safety of this great city. By ensuring that safety, you honour their memory.

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