Stop pact between the Circle of Thorns and Nemesis


  • CategoryAccomplishment Badge
  • FlashbackVisit Ouroborus to Flashback to this story
  • ContactsTina Chung (Founders' Falls), Neal Kendrick (Brickstown)
  • Level Range30 - 35
  • Badge Corrupter You prevented a Non-Aggression pact between the Circle of Thorns and Nemesis.

Rescue the law firm

Tina Chung

Red Tomax, you've got to rescue the O'Gaffney law firm from the Circle of Thorns! Those mystics are over there right now, chanting up a storm. I think they're planning to sacrifice those lawyers. Please, help them!

You know as well as I that the Circle's rituals are often brutal. We can't let such things happen to our citizens!

Part 1: Stop circle attack (3 lawyers to rescue)
Office @ Skyway City Circle of Thorns,Nemesis

Objective: You found a long and intricate contract.

ClueNon-aggression pact

This non-aggression pact bears the seal of the Circle of Thorns. As a gesture of good faith, Nemesis offers to take out a Rikti sewer base that is uncomfortably close to a Circle of Thorns hideout.

Objective: You found a letter written on parchment paper.


This letter is from Nemesis to Circle of Thorns. It describes the operations of the Nemesis armies and proposes a non-aggression pact between the two groups.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Circle of Thorns and found some interesting information.

Part 2: Stop Nemesis Raid on Rikti
Sewer @ Random

The hiss and pop of steam-powered machinery lets you know the Nemesis armies are already here.

Mission Complete: You defeated the villains. After interrogating the Nemesis soldiers, you learn that one of their lieutenants has gone to a Circle of Thorns base to convince the mystics to sign the non-agression pact.

ClueThe soldier's story

One of the Nemesis soldiers you defeated told you:

'We were supposed to prove our usefulness to the Circle of Thorns, to get them to sign our non-aggression pact. I hope this won't make it Lt. Harburton's job any harder. He's at the Circle base right now, trying to get them to sign!

Part 3: Stop Circle from signing pact
Oranbega @ Founders' Falls

The walls of this cavern bear many old scars from the Circle's mystical blasts.

Mission Complete: You defeated the villains and discouraged the Circle from signing Nemesis's non-aggression pact.

Awarded for completing the mission.
Tina Chung

If those villains had teamed up, it would have been trouble for sure. I'm glad you were there to put a stop to it, Red Tomax. We may never know how many lives your actions have saved.

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