Vahzilok Lab Raids


Go to Steel Canyon and stop the Vahzilok lab raids

Tristan Caine

The neighborhood watch in Steel Canyon is reporting a serious problem with the Vahzilok. The zombies have been breaking into labs and making off with all the medical equipment. Sometimes they even take a technician! You've got to get to Steel Canyon and stop the Vahzilok lab raids. I don't know what the Vahzilok plan to do with that equipment, but it can only mean more tragedy for Paragon City.

I'd recommend getting to work in Blyde Square or the Copper District.

Part 1: Combat Vahzilok in Steel Canyon (Defeat 10 Vahzilok)
Defeat X @ Steel Canyon Vahzilok

Mission Complete: You have stopped the Vahzilok lab raids.

Tristan Caine

Thanks, Red Tomax. The Vahzilok will think long and hard before raiding any more labs.

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