Hellions/Outcast connections


Find out more about the Hellions' connection to the Outcasts by finding a Helion who will talk

Hugo Redding

I have grave concerns with what the Hellions are up to. They seem to be consorting with the Outcasts on a more regular basis. Perhaps you should go 'talk' to some of the weaker Hellions and see if they can give anything up on their connection to the Outcasts.

If I were you I'd start in Galaxy City or Perez Park. Most likely they won't roll over on the Outcasts easily.

Part 1: Find link between Hellions and Outcasts (Defeat 10 Hellions)
Defeat X Hellions

Mission Complete: The last Hellion you defeated told you everything he knew about the connection.

ClueHellion Interrogation

The defeated Helion told you that the Outcasts were interested in buying whatever artifacts the Hellions could come up with, and would give some of the more powerful Hellions relics they could use to manifest powers. This Hellion thought that there was a gang even higher up the chain from the Outcasts who were really pulling the strings though.

Hugo Redding

Good job, Red Tomax. I'd be interested in finding out who the Outcasts are reporting to as well, but that will have to wait for another day I think.

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